Participant Contract

Before signing up, we would like you to read through the following and check that you agree with all the points:

  • During the day, Student players are expected to attend their classes, unless they are unwell (mentally or physically). There is also a hard rule against Students sitting in on other people’s classes.
  • Professor players are expected to show up and hold the classes on their schedule, as well as spend time with their mentor groups, unless they are unwell (mentally or physically).
  • As a player, you will take responsibility for your experience, and take breaks when needed. You will also use the Emotional Support room and GM room when needed.
  • As a member of a Secret Society you are expected to read the material beforehand, and try to participate in pre-game workshops if possible. On-site you are expected to actively contribute to the Society experience, if this is something you have opted in for.
  • During play you will to the best of your ability observe the rules of the larp, as well as the use of any meta techniques and act accordingly.
  • Players will participate in the on-site workshops, and are expected to read their character as well as fiction documents before the larp. You will also take charge of being aware of your own boundaries and communicating this, to the best of your ability. The larp follows an opt-out principle, not a check-in principle.
  • During play you might become witness to realistic rituals, real kisses, full nudity, public displays of affection and sexuality, light alcohol use, simulated drug use, simulated but realistic-looking sex in underwear, psychological coercion and lighter violence such as slaps, and more. You can also assume that these themes might exist in play around you and cannot be completely avoided, even if they can always be opted out of.
  • In clearly distinguished events (Such as at a Secret Society meeting, or within a friend group or private meeting), you might encounter situations such as being blindfolded, told to remove your clothes, use of makeup or liquids on your body, be struck with implements or other things that might make you uncomfortable and other scenarios in the same spirit. You can always opt-out of being subjected to these, but they will not necessarily be pre-negotiated. You also adjust the odds of these things being encountered in your casting form, later.
  • No matter what is portrayed, you will always have full control of your own body and of the story you are telling. You always choose who to touch and control who touches you, unless you have opted out of it. You can always leave any situation and step outside the play area to take a break from the fiction as needed.

The first sign up period is over but you can sign up for the waiting list below:

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We hope to see you at The Forbidden History: Eden Unmasked in 2024!