The 2024 Team

Team Presentation

The Forbidden History is organized by Atropos, and the individuals involved from both Atropos and outside the organization are listed below:

Linnéa Cecilia
Linnea is a Swedish larper and organizer and has been involved in organizing larps since 2007. She has been doing emotional support for everything from the larp conference Knutpunkt to larp productions of different scales. She has been in the role of GM, NPC, scenographer, kitchen worker, proofreader and character writer in different projects through the years.

Within the team she is (among other things) the emotional support lead during runtime and head of proofreading.

What she really loves about The Forbidden History is the focus on personal development and close relationships

Ann Christensen
Ann is a Danish larper, larp designer and organizer. She has been organizing larps and conferences since 2013, among other things: Fladlandssagaen, The Aarhus Files, Hunger & Ligdans and Knudepunkt.

What she enjoys about The Forbidden History is the academic and unapologetic artistic atmosphere. She likes the slow pace of just existing in the world.

Within the team she is in charge of administration, emails, bookkeeping and Open Societies

Freja Gyldenstrøm
Freja is an independent larpwright and organizer based in Copenhagen. She’s been active since 2009, creating for larps such as Inside Hamlet, the Androids series, the Mutant series, Baphomet, Libertines, and Cyperpunk: Night City – she’s also one of the current organizers of Blackbox Copenhagen.

Freja has been a part of The Forbidden History since the beginning and has had a hand in many of the characters. This run, she’ll be part of the character team, lead the GM team, and interfere with the workshop design.

To Freja, The Forbidden History is about allowing yourself to experience the quiet and overwhelming beauty of making art of lived experiences – stretching perfect moments to last forever, regardless of the price you’ll pay to have lived them.

Mikolaj Wicher
Mikołaj is larp designer and producer based in Poland, and a founding member of Liveform Association. He is the chief editor of ”The Book of Polish Larp” and ”PRISM. Larp Scenarios Anthology. Volume 1. Queer”. He was part of the team behind international block-busters ”College of Wizardry”, ”Fairweather Manor” and ”Convention of Thorns”, and  NPC coordinator at New World Magischola 1 and 2, as well as CoW. 

In the Forbidden History he is in charge of on-site logistics, the Berlin bus, and the point of contact for the castle staff.

Julia Woods
Julia is based in Seattle and has been participating in larp since 2002. She has written for multiple Atropos projects (Android Beginnings, Love and Duty, The Forbidden History) and been a designer and organizer for Allegiance and The Forbidden History.

The Forbidden History is a very meaningful project for her, both as a player and as an organizer – a world of bravery, passion, beauty, and poetry. Within the organizing team, she is the Character lead and a member of the GM team for 2024.


Petra Katarina
Petra is a Swedish larper and organizer, and a member of Atropos. She has been organizing larps since 2017. Some of these are: Nocturne, Love and Duty, The Austen Experience, and Where Androids Die. 

What she really loves about The Forbidden History is the intricate friendships and relationships, and the college part of the experience. Within the team she is (among a lot of other things) the team lead, as well as the Professor coordinator. She is also part of the Vision and Redesign team.

Siri Sandquist
Siri is a Swedish larper and organizer, and a member of Atropos. She has been organizing larps since 2014. Some of these are: Suffragette!, Den utan synd 1912, and Lord of Lies.

What she really loves about the Forbidden History is to be allowed to be clever, communicate by poetry and having your heart broken in the most beautiful ways. 

Within the team she is in charge of post-production, debrief, and quality-checking.

Simon Svensson
Simon is also a Swedish larper and organizer, as well as a member of Atropos. He started with organizing Vampire: The Masquerade way back in 2001. Since he discovered Nordic Larp, he has spent most of his time organizing with Atropos. Outside that, he also organized larps such as Lotka Volterra, Inside Hamlet, and Mare Incognitum. 

Forbidden History is the larp closest to his heart for a multitude of reasons. Beauty, honesty, friendship, aesthetics and the hidden contrasts are all part of that and he has had a small part in almost everything that concerns the larp. Primarily, he focuses on overall design and writing, as well as the budget. 

Carl Nordblom
Carl is a Swedish larper and organizer, and a member of Atropos. He started organizing in 2014 and right from the start had a focus on aesthetics and practicals. In Atropos he has been in charge of scenography and done production design in larps such as the extended Androids Trilogy, Lotka Volterra, 1912 and Lord of Lies. 

In the Forbidden History he is passionate about the physical spaces and interactions that make the world more tangible and the experience deeper. He is in charge of scenography and involved in the secret society design team. 

Larp Venture

LarpVenture is a studio that emerged in 2022, combining a few decades of larp organising experience of its founders. They are a not-for-profit company that creates and runs their own games, but also produces and co-organizes larps from other creative teams. Among their upcoming events are 4th of July larp, The Creeping Night, Krystalivm Trillogy and Just a Little Lovin’.

Their goal is to bring good quality games in terms of narrative, design, production, and player experience. They also set out to create a professional and empowering work environment for everybody engaged in our projects. At the Forbidden History, they are responsible for the payment solutions and financial administration.

Additional thanks to:

Anni Tolvanen, for the title song written for the larp. Other art by her:
Nadina Dobrowolska, for all the photos (except team portraits) used on the website.

About the Organization

The Forbidden History larps are non-profit and done on a volunteer basis, with the exception of paying our Polish workers and partners. Sponsor tickets will go towards subsidising more tickets, and any surplus will go towards the larp itself, future runs as well as recurring administrative costs for Atropos, which is also a non-profit organisation where all creative work is on a volunteer basis.

This larp would not be possibly without the assistance of helpers and our previous organisers. You can find the list of credits for The Forbidden History: Paradise Lost here: 2023 Team